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Jeanette Morris

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Her Shining Eyes


Fourteen-year old Irina Kotova’s comfortable life as a promising violinist collapses in sync with the demise of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. Her father is killed in a bar fight and her ailing mother is hauled off to jail without explanation. Now considered an orphan, Irina is forced to live in a state-run boarding school—the place where Russia’s throwaway kids are abandoned and forgotten. Overweight and insecure, Irina is constantly tormented by Vadim Solokov, a mean-spirited hooligan who takes great pleasure in reminding her that nobody cares about them. Irina is convinced he is right, and the not-so-mysterious theft of her precious violin seals her resolve to escape the school or die trying.  Will she find a place to truly belong before bitterness destroys all her dreams?
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About Jeanette

Jeanette Morris is a freelance author and editor who has helped over 50 writers, including many living on the Central California Coast, publish memoirs, family histories, instructional manuals, self-help books, Bible studies, theological expositions, and various works of fiction.

She writes articles and stories that inform, inspire, and entertain--all with the goal of giving her readers an authentic experience.


Helping You on Your Journey

My hats are many but my goal is one:  to have an authentic, abundant life as a Christ-follower, a faithful wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and writer. I want my presence to make a difference for God’s kingdom and to bring encouragement to those I encounter—either in person, through my virtual presence online, or in my publications.

Welcome to my website!  I hope you find something unique and worthwhile here.


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Jeanette Morris is the owner of FIRST IMPRESSIONS and book editing is her passion. She is a professional freelance editor with a Master’s Degree in English, a conversational knowledge of several foreign languages, and a passion for helping people communicate effectively.


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